Saying, “Virtual Reality” sounds a little daunting and wildly confusing.

However, when it comes to the possibilities of what virtual reality can do for your business…it gets a little easier.

“Virtual reality was once the dream of science fiction. But the internet was also once a dream, and so were computers and smartphones. The future is coming.”

What can VR do?

VR is an extremely useful and viable tool at your disposal. It can take you anywhere and help you learn about different places and ideas while allowing you to experience these things as if you were there. When it comes to VR, most people think about gaming and social experiences, but it can go far deeper than that. Take Google Maps. You can integrate your street view into your business pages, on social media such as YouTube and Facebook, and also proudly display it on marketing materials with proper QR links for people to scan.

What will be the industries immediately affected?


Convert your site customers into visitors

A Google Study found that interest in local businesses increased by two times when utilizing a 360 tour on their website.

In addition, 67% of participants of the same study suggested that the feature is a ‘must-have’ when deciding to take the time to view the listing. Google Street View 360 virtual tours are a free service Google gives every business with
a verified Google My Business listing.

Update your current street view of your business to be found easily. Then give them a tour inside of your establishment by connecting an interior tour right inside of google maps.

Real Estate

Sell Your Property at any stage, anywhere

With virtual tours people stay 5-10 times as long on a website. Virtual Tours are becoming the industry standard as an expected marketing tool. Listings with virtual tours get 87% more views than listings without virtual tours.

In the past 4 years, virtual tours have become increasingly popular as a way of
increasing physical tours with qualified leads, and fast tracking business branding and awareness.

MLS compliant cloned tours and live chat are just a few features that can be used to enhance your listing. Tours created from 360 AutoCADs offer the ability to showcase your design, complete with virtual staging, before breaking ground.


With the global health crisis further escalating a shift towards digital shopping, retailers began to understand that digital experiences can provide
many of the same benefits when they are used to enhance the customer experience. Retailers have found that their virtual store experiences are so
closely tied to their online shopping ecosystem that these virtual stores belong as a permanent part of their websites. This allows retailers to
showcase their products in ways beyond two dimensional grids and update these experiences as new collections and products come out. For retailers looking to add an ever-important sales channel and customer experience upgrade among a rapidly growing digital retail landscape, consider the importance of virtual shopping in a time when it is transitioning into a retail norm

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